As an Independent Candidate for City Council, I am excited to introduce myself to those who don’t know me yet. 

I am a local businessman with a strong background in transportation and logistics. I’ve been happily married for 16 years and am a proud father of four children that I, like many of you would like to stay in the area when they are grown.

My wife, Nicole, and I own and operate Colwell Creative Content, a digital marketing agency located in Elmira.

I’ve been a resident of Chemung County for 15 Years, a homeowner in the city for 5 years, and a lifelong resident of the Southern Tier of New York. 

Throughout my career, I have been: 

  • Your local Culligan man.
  • The truck driver who delivered food to your favorite restaurants. 
  • Your children’s school bus driver for the Elmira City School District. 
  • Your grocery delivery driver. 
  • Your Uber driver. 

I’m not a politician. I’m not a Republican or a Democrat. 

I’m a regular guy with a heart for my local community. 

I’ve proven that by: 

  • Volunteering to pick up Elmira kids and take them to a privately funded program that offered food and clothing while providing for their physical and spiritual needs. 
  • Participating in the Downtown Elmira Street Cleanup for Earth Day. 
  • Providing food and supplies to some of our local homeless population. 

Many of the problems Elmira faces would be better addressed through voluntaryism and non-profit organizations. 

Our local government has proven time and time again that its largest incentive isn’t to serve, but to grow, which costs you as a resident more and more every year. 

Elected officials must be accountable and transparent to the voters who elected them. 

It’s time to stop focusing on partisan talking points and start focusing on the needs of the local community. 

My dedication to Elmira and the Southside and my experience as an entrepreneur, volunteer, and activist make me the most compelling candidate for the District 6 seat on Elmira’s City Council. 

I’m proud to represent the people of our great city and committed to promoting growth and prosperity as the only truly Independent Voice for Elmira!